Masterclass: Vision Pt. 2

This is Part 2 of 2 in the Vision Masterclass. If you haven’t yet completed Part 1, it is recommended you start there.

In this Masterclass, we continue to create/ update our 5-year visions. We focus on Home, Supports & Finances, Awesomeness, and visioning with others!

For this Masterclass, there are two workbooks. Select the best version of Workbook #2 for you, either PDF or Google Docs. Note: These are the same workbooks as for the Vision Masterclass Pt 1.

CLICK HERE to download Workbook #1

CLICK HERE to download Workbook #2 (PDF Version)

CLICK HERE to make a copy of Workbook #2 (Google Doc Version)

In this Masterclass on Supports you will accomplish:

  • Crafting/ refining your 2-page Vision. (Started in Part 1, continue in Part 2) [Focusing on Home, Support & Finance and Awesomeness]
  • Learn about visioning with others.
  • Learn about inviting other people into Visioning, and identify 2 people.
  • Take your next small action step.

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