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I am a family coach, independent facilitator, and brother to Sarah, who has a developmental disability. My ‘soul’ purpose is to empower people with developmental disabilities and their families to live awesome, meaningful, and yet ordinary lives.

My work at Empowering Ability is strategically designed to help people with developmental disabilities build valued societal roles by becoming contributing family members, through gainful employment, and in getting a home of their own.

Sarah (my sister) woke me up to the injustices that happen to people with developmental disabilities. It took Sarah yelling at my family and me for me to finally realize that her voice wasn’t being heard and that she wanted control over her life. From this point on in 2015, I started listening carefully and supporting Sarah to live the life she wanted – including her own home, her own friends, and exploring her interests.

Realizing that my family situation isn’t unique, and many families experience these same challenges – I’m here to help other families make these awesome life transformations – just like Sarah did.

What is the most important thing for your family to accomplish over the next year?

My goal over the next year is to help you, and your son/ daughter/ sibling with a developmental disability make progress toward creating that own awesome ‘ordinary’ life!